How Will the NHL Season Play Out on the Ice?

Jaromir Jagr

The 99th Season of the National Hockey League has been going on. Thirty teams take part in the league, however the numbers of teams are reduced when it comes playoff time in April.

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Post the all star break, the 2nd half of the NHL Season 2016 will be started. The games will be played in high gear without any doubt to secure a berth. Due to close deadlines, hurriedness from the players and teams can be observed quite naturally. Some of the clubs at the end may start to sell parts in order to get an excellent pick.

  • In the history of NHL, American born players may finish 1st or 2nd. Patrick Kane is expected to win the Art Ross Trophy. Johnny Gaudreau has to work hard in order to grab the runners up position as well. From Sidney Crosby worst of his career can be noticed with the third position.
  • Due to perfect utilization of Mike Sullivan, the coach of Crosby’s Penguin, the team has become one of the hottest properties within the NHL arena.
  • Joe Pavelski can defeat Kane in the race to win Rocket Richard Trophy. If he manages to do so then he can also claim the title as the earliest American to obtain the trophy. The trophy is generally given to the highest goal scorers of the season.
  • Return of John Scott can be observed for the Montreal Canadiens. He is expected to achieve same feat which has been done for Pacific Division All Stars. The player can score two goals at a stretch. In addition, other players can be mesmerized and tormented by him completely. Halves can be empowered more to ensure an interesting game in due course. By playing boldly, it is possible for them to earn a place from the eastern conference. Montreal can be the only team to make it to the tournament final stage.
  • Jaromir Jagr has to score minimum 5 goals in order to leave behind Brett Hull. In this way Jaromir Jagr can become the third on the list of all-time. In due course. He must also earn 16 points to retain Gordie Howe in the fourth place.
  • Both Braden Holtby and Corey Crawford can break the record of Martin Brodeur wins from the single season. It is believed that Crawford will make the final cut. In the record book, Corey Crawford’s name will be enlisted due to this reason after NHL Season 2016. Lead may be attended with shut out and save percentage as well.
  • Blues can attain a healthy state in the second half of the NHL Season 2016. Battle with the Blackhawks can be made more interesting in the Central division in due course. Due to entry of Jaden Schwartz, offense department of the team can be improved.
  • For the first time, Jakub Voracek can score more than 20 goals in spite of the break for All Stars.

McDavid may perform according to the expectation in order to trouble the Edmonton Fans further.

Faux Food’s Place in the Food Industry


The history of fake foods

Fake food is also known by various other names such as artificial food, food replicas, and faux food.

They came into being when after Japan’s surrender in 1945 Westerners travelled to Japan to help rebuild the island nation.

Japanese food being different from what they were used to eating in their home country and them not knowing the names had to read from the menu which was difficult since they were printed in Japanese. Communicating the orders was a problem. To overcome this problem, Japanese artists made food items out of wax to help travelers and tourists in the country identify foods and order them.

Those days, fake food in its primitive form was made from paraffin wax and remained in existence until the 1980’s. Later people switched to vinyl chloride, which provides longer lasting fake foods.

Artificial foods have many uses

Artificial food though had its origin in Japan is now used in many parts of the world. Artificial foods have made it to the living room of people. Though they originated as replicas of real food items meant for restaurant displays, they are now used in various ways. In movies and television programs, they are used as props and sometimes even to represent real food items that don’t last through the shooting schedule.

Fake food was first used by Wendy’s to replicate kale for their salad bar in North America.

In nutrition education and consumer research areas, food models are used to display and educate students about various attributes of foods.

Popularly used in Japan as restaurant menu display, plastic food is also seen to be used in grocery chains, museums, cruise ships, and buffet menus.

During photo shoots for print ads, novelty food is used to replace real food items since sometimes, they look better in photographs than the real food and sometimes because the real food item is perishable.

Replica food cost more than real food in the short term but since they last almost indefinitely, they turn out to be cost-effective when compared to buying real foods on a daily basis.

How would you like to eat from a plate of plastic noodles that hang midway in the air?

Artificial foods are created by people who observe keenly and then apply artistic talent to create real looking replicas of foods that are appealing and attractive.

When visiting Japan, tourists make it a point to travel to the city that is home to faux food. Students wishing to learn the art of making faux food enroll in classes taught by some of the learned men who have extensive experience.

The industry is but not doing very well since these fake food props last indefinitely thereby reducing their demand. Some of the manufacturers have found ways to remain in business by not remaining restricted to just manufacturing fake foods.

They have diversified into manufacturing key chains, memorabilia, etc that tourists or even those at home can order online.

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